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Digital Journey For Successful Business


As the world is moving fast towards digital transformations, every company organisation and business be it a multinational, national or start-up ventures, every millisecond the amount of data produced by an organisation are actually the key properties or assets and this requires safe storage space. Back in the 70s and mid 80’s data management was mostly done through physical storage of information in the computer systems, but in the early 90’s giant IT companies like IBM had come to rescue the digital agonies companies suffered such as storage concerns, loss of data and accessibility. While companies struggled with manpower handling superfluous amount of data manually, what came into the lime-light was the need to build and online secure data management mechanism through which these data can accessed, shared and stored virtually.

Cloud computing as a terminology was gaining prominence since the early 2000, in fact the term cloud was used as metaphor for internet where the individual network computers could connect and store data. The cloud technology has been upgrading even since its inception, but what is central for our understanding is how a virtual storage space has resolved issues concerning data management of individuals and companies at large. 

History marks that the concept of ‘Cloud Storage’ is not a recent development, it had been conceptualised in the 60s, and the innovators were Salesforce who were offering Customer Relationship Management (CRM) to manage data internally through an online interface. But Amazon in the year 2002 came with a solution offering the internet based storage and in the year 2006 ‘Amazon Web Services’ the IT consulting arm of the parent company was offering 360 web solutions which made data storage and management an easy affair. Although there are competitors in the market with especially with Google Cloud Solutions topping the list, yet the company with its ‘Pay-per-use’ sales strategy attracts the companies of all size and business types. 

Cloud based solution for Data Management has been widely used by companies till date and the benefits are enormous, some of the major ones are

  1. Easy global accessibility
  2. Reduced cost with respect to the hardware and manual data management
  3. Flexibility to increase or reduce space as per need of the business

While Cloud based technology has helped businesses to grow, however the shortcomings cannot be overlooked such as the dependency on internet and bandwidth issues and most importantly cyber security.

While it is also true that in due course of time, the deficiencies that the cloud technology has will have it solutions.  And it will be equally important for all the businesses to pick which platform to use for cloud storage can severely affect given type of business and their annual returns, yet it will be very important that the IT team as well as the Marketing and sales department has realise that Data Management and Data Analysis is will help them to be at par in the market. Hence the next step as Business Head, you have to learn, the next step is to start learning about the cloud technology and the best platforms available that will suit your business type. Advitiya Digital Solutions specializes in delivering high quality technical training IT field with various technologies. Inception of Advitiya Digital Solutions comes with the vision to bridge the skill gap between industry and academy. Advitiya Digital Solutions offering various IT services to the industry. They offer specialised courses and certifications and the trusted partner to begin, advance your cloud journey. These online courses include Cloud Computing, VMware, Cyber Security, Linux, AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, and Red hat covering certification, hand hold training, and prepare you from foundation to professional level.

By Guest Blogger

Ms. Uttama Pandit



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